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QR, a short term for Quick Response is a technology which is used to collect information from a transitory media into your mobile device. This information can be a website’s URL, plain text, phone numbers, email addresses and any other alphanumeric data. You can see QR codes on a magazine advert or billboard, and someone’s shirt or a web page. Once you scan the QR code with your cell phone, it gives you information about that business, its location, a relevant URL, a coupon or any other information which the developer wants to be displayed.

QR codes are more appropriate than standard barcodes because they store much more data and another key feature of them is that they can be scanned with about any kind of smartphone, all that you need to do is download the relevant QR reader.

QR codes can be generated using particular generator applications, and you can either create a dynamic or static QR code, depending on your personal preference. QR codes are easy to generate, and there are several sites on ground with open source codes to generate codes for you, all you need is a smart developer on hand. IT giants – Google also has a tool designed to generate QR codes for businesses which need them.

QR codes usually come as black and white, but you can also generate colored QR codes. To ensure your

QR codes don’t give you any working problems, ensure there is sufficient contrast between both colors and t doesn’t give a negative result (because of the color). To ensure your QR code is even better, you can get one with a logo.

In most sites, QR generation takes but a couple of minutes. All you need to do is enter your text, URL, SMS or any other information you require and the QR code automatically generated. On a click of the “download” button, you get the generated QR image in several formats. You can then go on and paste the QR code on leaflets, business cards, posters or any other medium.

QR codes are a vital marketing tool, and they have a versatile area of application which makes it perfect for businesses of all types. Also, their engaging nature makes customers feel like a part of your marketing process and establishes a direct contact with its clients.